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This service has many positive features, quite apart from saving the life of a snake, which quite innocently and without any intent of scaring or hurting anyone, has inadvertently turned up in a business premise, school, yard or dwelling. As a large percentage of snake bites are the direct result of members of the public attempting to kill or capture the creature, THIS SHOULD NEVER BE ATTEMPTED BY UNTRAINED PEOPLE. Apart from the fact that many venomous snakes (and non-venomous) will defend themselves vigorously, all Australian snakes are legally protected fauna and it is an offense to interfere with or kill them.

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A call to a trained snake handler will allow the capture of the animal without danger to the public and also allow the opportunity for the reptile remover/rescuer to provide information to the person on the property who has seen the snake. If the snake is non-venomous, then the person may be much reassured by knowing this and in any case there is the opportunity to relay fact that will lessen the fear of the people involved and allow them to understand the creature in a more positive light. There have been several cases reported to the staff of Blue Mountains Reptile Awareness where a call from a concerned member of the public has been answered  “well of course snakes may turn up anywhere and you just have to live with the fact!’’. 

If, for example, the caller lives in an outer suburban area with substantial bush surrounding and the description of the snake shows positively that it is harmless, it may be acceptable to reassure the caller that this is a non-venomous species and if left alone will soon disappear. An offer should always be made that if the reptile does not leave overnight that someone will come and remove it. Where there is any chance that the snake involved is venomous, comments like “Learn to live with it” are hardly of assistance to a concerned or frightened person and action should be taken wherever possible. We have had to remove many Copperheads, Black snakes, Diamond pythons, Death Adders, Tiger snakes and other lesser known species  in the Blue Mountains area.

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